Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Jacob

Jacob is my energetic and very normal boy! I love him so much. He makes me laugh and reminds me to slow down my pace, to be more patient and understanding. Hi is three and a half, very wild and loud. He didn't start walking until closer to fifteen months. But that was ok because I knew he would be a runner. I kept telling him that he didn't need to walk early and that I would be very happy to bring him what ever he needed. :) 

He also didn't start talking until after he was two. That was a little frustrtating cuz it made communicating hard. I really think part of the reasons they throw tantrums is because of lack of communication on both ends. They don't have the understanding and their reasoning just isn't there yet. We had lots of tantrums with him and still do occasionally. 

He doesn't quite grasp that I can't see yet. He's starting to get it and knows that I have to touch things. He still does funny things like put my hand on the computer screen when asking me a question about a game or asking me what's in the pictures in his books. 

He's really started to say some funny and cute things lately and loves to talk to "our baby" in my tummy. He often puts his ear to my belly and says "nope, I can't hear him yet." :) He loves to play with helicopters trains and robots. But he doesn't like loud noises and will often cover his ears when we are taking walks. I have been truly lucky because he stays right with me too. When he was younger he would dash away but always came back. He's afraid of cars so he won't run into the streets. 

He is definitely more adventurous and outgoing though. He doesn't need me to be right with him when playing at parks, although he isn't too much of a dare devil, thankfully. He of course has his big sissy to play with though so that is nice. She tells me what he's doing a lot. They get a long pretty well although they have their moments just like any other siblings. He's very rough with her. You know sits on her, launches toys at her, pulls her hair, especially when he's mad or frustrated. He wishes he could do everything she can do and when he can't it frustrates him greatly. 

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